Responsible gambling awareness essential

16 May 2014

ALPINE Shire Council Mayor Peter Roper today called on local employers to increase awareness among their employees of responsible gambling.

Cr Roper made the call as part of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, which runs throughout Victoria from May 26 – June 1.

The week focuses on the ‘changing face of gambling’ with an aim of positively influencing gambling behaviour and building community resilience around gambling.

Cr Roper said employers need to be aware of how gambling can affect productivity in the workplace and the wellbeing of their employees.

“The accessibility and popularity of online gambling is making gambling in the workplace and during working hours more possible than ever before,” he said.

“Employers need to be aware of emerging trends and technology and how this can affect their employees.”

Online gambling is the fastest growing form of gambling, with a recent study indicating about 1.8 million Australians had gambled online in the past 12 months*.

“With a growing number of people gambling online, it is likely that some of this activity takes place at work,” said Cr Roper.

“Gambling can sometimes be seen as a way of relieving stress, which includes workplace stress. We are also concerned about how gambling may affect the health and wellbeing of employees.”

Gambling in the workplace occurs across a range of industries including banking and finance, retail, building, manufacturing and transport.

Research shows a greater prevalence of gambling among people in full time work, with high numbers of men participating in online gambling, particularly those in trade and technical lines of work.

Coordinated by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, the week is a partnership between State and Local Governments, the gaming industry and community groups.

“We encourage everyone in the community, including workplaces, to heed the messages of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week,” Cr Roper said.

• Don’t let gambling take over your life
• Set yourself a limit and don’t exceed it
• Only bet what you can afford to lose

In response to concerns about gambling in the workplace and to support local employers, the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has developed guidelines for developing a workplace gambling policy.

For more information about Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2014 visit

*8 per cent of Australians have gambled in the past 12 months. Hing, N., Gainsbury S., Blaszczynski, A., Wood, R., Lubman, D. and Russell, A. (2014) Interactive Gambling. Gambling Research Australia. March 2014.

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