Oak tree removed following safety concerns

3 March 2014

A SERIOUSLY damaged oak tree adjacent to the Mount Beauty Secondary School has been removed following an assessment of its risk to the community.

The tree, situated at the edge of Les Peart Oval near the High School and Neighbourhood Centre, was assessed by an arborist last week, who found that a 6-metre long split had developed.

Manager Public Works and Services Lyn Blandford said the tree posed a threat to public safety.

“The tree is adjacent to the Mount Beauty Cricket Ground, school, Neighbourhood Centre car park and a bike path,” she said.

“It was inspected by Council Staff and an external arborist, and the surrounding area was cordoned off.

“Due to the substantial size of the tree and its landscape significance, options for remedial work were considered, including retaining one side of the tree, cabling and bracing, and massive weight reduction.

“However both parties concluded that removal of the tree was the most appropriate course of action given the severity of the split, the high risk location and the existence of decay at points of previous pruning.

“Considering that the potential targets for the falling tree are a children’s sports oval, school ground and frequently used pathway, the implications if it failed were extremely serious.”

Affected parties, including the high school, the Neighbourhood Centre and the Cricket Club, were notified before the tree was removed.

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