New aerial imagery sheds clearer light on Alpine Shire

26 February 2014

ALPINE Shire Council’s online mapping services now provide residents with an up-to-date aerial view of the shire, using imagery captured earlier in the year.

Council’s Geographical Information Systems Officer Barrett Higman said the updated imagery meant that areas in the north of the Shire that have not been captured since 2006 now had up-to-date imagery.

“This provides users with imagery that provides a more relevant aerial view of the Shire, rather than relying on imagery that’s up to seven years old,” he said.

“Our online mapping services offer a range of information to residents and ratepayers, from planning zones and overlays to waste collection information specific to a property.

“The imagery includes 10cm resolution imagery over the major townships of Bright, Myrtleford and Mount Beauty and some surrounds.

“Any freehold land not included in those areas is covered by 35cm resolution imagery, except for isolated pockets of freehold in remote areas.”

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