Heatwaves take their toll on trees

31 January 2014

THIS summer’s extremely hot temperatures are not only taking a toll on our communities – they’re also affecting the health of trees across the Alpine Shire.

Alpine Shire Council Manager Public Works and Services Lyn Blandford said Council is putting extra resources into tree watering to try and combat the impact of 40-degree temperatures.

“We have increased our watering program, however we have a lot of trees, even mature ones that are showing signs of stress, leaf burn and leaf loss,” she said.

Every summer Council waters trees that have been planted within the past two years to ensure they become healthy and well-established.

Ms Blandford said because of the extreme heat this summer, Council staff are finding that they need to water older trees as well.

“Usually a tree that is more than two years old is established well enough to not require watering – this year trees of all ages are suffering,” she said.

“It is always a challenge to care for trees during these hot periods – we understand how much our communities value them.

“There is always a risk that we could lose some trees, particularly those that are younger and less established.

“Residents can help by keeping an eye on the trees on the nature strip in front of their property and providing some water to any trees that look like they’re in need of watering.”

Contact Council on 5755 0555 to report any trees that look like they are suffering in the heat.

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