Bright Splash Park

Bright Splash Park

CONSTRUCTION of a gold mining-themed splash park at Bright’s Centenary Park is complete.

Western Australian company Water Features By Design designed and constructed the unique facility.

The $525,000 project was developed by Alpine Shire Council in partnership with the Bright Community Bank Branch ($60,000 contribution), Bright Rotary Club ($20,000 contribution) and the Victorian State Government ($300,000).

The park is one of just a few similar facilities in the state.

Works to remove the old toddler pool and the creation of an interactive, natural themed splash park centred on the region’s mining heritage took shape over a number of months.

Four splash pads have been built alongside Morses Creek, each designed to suit different age groups, from toddlers up, creating something that many children can enjoy.

December 2014 project update

The Bright Splash Park has been built with an innovative water supply system, designed to provide chemical free, low cost water to the park that would not be affected by water restrictions during drought times.

To do this an 80m deep bore has been constructed near the site to provide water that is used once and flows back to the river, which in turn improves environmental flows to the river in summer.

As this type of system is a first that we know of, the commissioning and running of the park over the first few months will involve a period of testing and fine tuning, until we can best set up the flow-rate, pressure and various valve settings to achieve the consistent operation of the water features.

There have also been some minor control button issues, which have resulted in some Pads being manually turned off until repairs could be carried out.

We are excited by the response to the park so far and look forward to seeing it in action through the busy summer period.

However, there will be a continuing period of time that we will work to refine the operation of the park and make minor changes, to ensure that it runs effectively to provide a great fun environment for our local residents and visitors.

Bright Splash Park
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