Council looks to Standardised Regional Approach for Infrastructure

ALPINE Shire Council is joining with Indigo Shire, Towong Shire and the City of Wodonga in undertaking community consultation prior to considering the adoption of a standardised Infrastructure Design Manual.

The manual was originally developed jointly by three regional Victorian Councils as a means to introduce a standardised approach to infrastructure development across the region.

The manual has since been adopted by around 40 regional councils.

Council’s Director Infrastructure Services Ian Ellett said the manual is now being used as the basis for establishing standards for infrastructure design across most of the municipalities in North East Victoria.

“The manual is expected to provide greater clarity and consistency for developers, consultants, and the wider community about the standards for new infrastructure and the requirements for infrastructure when developing land,” he said.

“By adopting a more standardised approach to both design standards and developer requirements, we expect to see a more streamlined development approval process which in turn, should reduce approval time and development costs.

The Infrastructure design manual can be viewed at

Written submissions are invited up until 31 July 2012.

All feedback will be included in a consultation report used to inform Council when it considers adopting the manual.

Members of the community with an interest in developing land and infrastructure standards or with enquiries about the Infrastructure Design Manual should contact Ian Ellett on telephone 5755 0555.

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