Mafeking Square clock tower rejuvenated

BRIGHT’S iconic clock tower has received some internal care and will now be re-painted thanks to some recent grant funding.

Over the last three months the Mafeking Square clock tower has undergone a $10,000 upgrade, with a full service and replacement of all electronic components.

Council’s Building Maintenance Officer Garri Mantese said the works were unusual, considering the age and rarity of the clock mechanism.

“The clock was made by Ingram’s Brothers, Bright in 1928-30 and has one of the oldest mechanisms in the country,” he said.

“Only a few are left in Australia, making the works quite complicated, time consuming and unique.”

The clock has overseen decades of ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies and has become the centrepiece of Bright for locals and visitors alike.

The rejuvenation will now move to the outside of the iconic structure, with an application to the State Government for funding to re-paint the clock tower given the go ahead on Tuesday, April 24.

“We applied to office of the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs for a grant to re-paint the clock, and were told the grant was successful the day before ANZAC Day,’” Mr Mantese said.

“The clock tower will be re-painted in the same colours that it is now.”

Mr Mantese said it was fitting to ensure the clock tower continued to tell accurate time and welcome people to Ireland Street for many years to come.

Mafeking Square Clocktower

RENEWED: Bright's iconic Mafeking Square clock tower has received a revamp of its internal workings, and will now be re-painted.

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