Cooler weather brings brilliant autumn colour

AUTUMN is showing its true colours across the Alpine Shire, as avenues of deciduous trees turn stunning shades of yellow, orange and red.

Alpine Shire Council arborist Colin Bertuch said the change was brought about with the drop in temperature.

“The peak time in the past has been from Anzac Day onwards, but this year it seems that from early April we can witness one of nature’s wonders,” he said.

“The drought has broken and the trees are healthier than ever due to constant summer rain.

“The current display is spectacular, seems to be earlier than expected and it is hoped that it will last the full season into late May.”

Warm autumn days are ideal for enjoying the great outdoors, from cycling, walks and car touring to family-friendly picnics and outdoor dining.

Making the most of the displays later in the season is the Bright Autumn Festival, on from April 27 – May 9, which celebrates its 50th year.

Mr Bertuch said each genus, and species within a genus, has its own ideal time to change colour.

“With healthy trees, their leaves may be sustained longer than during dry seasons,” he said.

“If you miss the change in colour in one tree type, be sure to look out for the next.

“Poplars and Maples change early in the season, Elms mid-season and Gingko and Japanese Maples change late, while Oaks vary throughout.”

The Alpine Shire features many avenues of stunning trees, each with its own unique display to share with visitors.

“The Kiewa Valley Highway from Tawonga to Mt Beauty features a colour display that will constantly change,” Mr Bertuch said.

“The Back Porepunkah Road with its Acer Sensations is at its peak early this month.

“Delany Avenue is just starting to show colour in Pin Oak, Scarlet Oak and some Elms are beginning to yellow at the top of the tree.”

Autumn brings with it stunning displays of colour across the Alpine Shire

The Back Porepunkah Road shows its stunning colour in early April

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