Council prepares for Regional Victoria Living Expo

ALPINE Shire Council has joined forces with other local Councils to attract city dwellers considering a tree change at the first Regional Victoria Living Expo this month.

Council is participating in the expo on 27-29 April to share the benefits of living in the Alpine Shire with people considering a move to the country.

Council’s Manager Economic Development Clayton Neil said the expo provides a valuable opportunity for regional areas to connect with city residents.

“We are working with the four other Councils that form North East Victoria – Rural City of Wangaratta, Towong, City of Wodonga and Indigo - to promote the region,” he said.

“This project includes upgrading the website, advertising in the media and developing brochures profiling people who have made the move.”

The State Government has provided funding of $20,000 to regional and rural Victorian Councils to attend the expo for the next three years.

Mr Neil said local ambassadors have been recruited to support Council staff during the expo.

“This will give us some fantastic local knowledge to share with anyone who has questions about living and working locally,” he said.

“The expo will allow us to showcase what the Alpine Shire has to offer, and attract residents, skilled workers, business and investment.”

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