New VicRoads web application for road closures during emergencies

A VICROADS web application that provides information about road closures during emergencies is now available online.

The application is map-based to clearly show where all current road closures and on-road incidents are located.

Visitors to the application will not only be able to find out which roads are closed and why, but the map will show them the exact start and end point for the closures.

The information is also accessible on web-enabled mobile phones, such as smartphones.

During emergencies such as fire or flood, VicRoads is responsible for not only providing information about freeways, highways and major roads impacted, but also local or council roads.

Victorians are also encouraged to help ensure the web application is as up to date as possible by reporting any on-road hazards to VicRoads by calling 13 11 70.

The new application can be accessed from the VicRoads website at

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