Bright 150th celebrations - community involvement

Please find information provided by Great Alpine Valleys regarding Bright's 150th celebrations:

This invitation is for all community service, sporting, social, cultural, heritage, Government, business and event organisations that have any direct associations with the town of Bright. All are invited to participate and submit their ideas for the celebration in 2012 of the 150th anniversary of the naming of Bright in 1862.

With the support of the Alpine Shire Council a working party has been appointed, with John Kroeger nominated as Chair, this voluntary group now wishes to bring the entire community on board. Councilor Narda Cain has been appointed as Deputy Chair of the working group.

A number of people have already volunteered to join the three sub-groups that will help to manage, promote and fund the celebrations. We welcome involvement by individuals or community organisations that wish to support these three groups- the Operational Sub-Group, the Administration and Finance Group and the Marketing Group. John Carter, Chair of the Administration and Finance Group, believes there are a number of community projects that could perhaps become part of the celebration programme and become eligible for funding grants. John welcomes approaches from organisations that have this objective in mind.

The Chair of the Marketing Group, Annette Monshing, welcomes approaches by potential sponsors who wish to become involved, and seeks to understand what they would expect by way of benefits for their own organisations.

The latest constructive suggestion made to the 150th Group is that activities occupy a total of 150 days between January and August and that celebrations culminate in the last week of August 2012.

The group hopes to produce a draft programme by 30 June 2011, and would appreciate submission of ideas before this time.

For further information or if you would like to be involved please contact the Secretary of the Working Group, Kate Houlgate, Tourism Marketing Assistant and Event Operations at the Alpine Shire Council on 03 5755 0550 or

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