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Never take your eyes off children around water

Life Saving Victoria is urging all pool owners to prevent drowning this summer by checking their pool fences and actively supervising children in and around water.

There were seven toddler drowning deaths in Victoria in summer 2009/10, an increase of four from the previous year.

Figures show that close to 50% of these drowning deaths were in a home pool or spa.

Life Saving Victoria Chief Executive Officer Nigel Taylor said all pool owners should check that their pool or spa meets legal safety requirements.

“Any private swimming pool or spa even inflatable or temporary pools with a depth of 30cm or more must have a childproof safety barrier,” he said.

Mr Taylor also reminded parents and carers that a pool fence is no substitute for supervision and children should never be left alone around water, even for a moment.

“If you are leaving the pool or water area, take the children with you,” he said.

“Supervision means constant visual contact, not the occasional glance.

“It takes only seconds for a child to drown.

"Never take your eyes off.”

Pool fencing must be consistently checked throughout the year.

A Home Pool safety checklist can be downloaded at

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Building Commission: 1300 815 127.

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