Residents asked to look after their pets

Council is reminding residents of their responsibility to keep their dogs under control at all times and to have them registered and micro-chipped.

CEO Ian Nicholls said the potential heartache and cost of having a pet impounded should be enough motivation for owners to keep them under control.

“The trauma of losing a dog to a family, especially young children is not worth going through,” he said.

“Council has an ongoing responsibility to impound unsupervised dogs on behalf of the community.

"If they are registered and micro-chipped we can return the dogs to their owners.

“Council Rangers can impound unregistered dogs found unsupervised in a public place if they believe the dog is a danger to public safety.

"Council recently took court action where owners refused to properly supervise their pets, some of which were unregistered.

Mr Nicholls added that residents not only had a responsibility to keep their own pets under control, but to report dangerous dogs to Council Rangers to ensure the earliest possible intervention and the public’s safety.

“It’s the role of Council Rangers to ensure pet owners meet their requirements so that people can live in the community safely,” he said.

“It is residents’ role to tell us if they have concerns about particular animals.”

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