Dinner Plain community to benefit from Cattleman's Hut

The Dinner Plain community is set to benefit from the replica Cattleman’s Hut, which will be officially opened this Friday (20 August).

The hut will provide a refuge point for walkers and skiers and support horse riding and sled dog activities.

The hut will also provide a physical link to the historical use of Dinner Plain by the early European settlers, the High Country Cattlemen.

Projects Coordinator Simon Jones said the Dinner Plain community deserved high praise for their work with Council over the last six months on the project.

“They have volunteered a significant amount of hours during the construction phase,” he said.

“They have been extremely proactive in the project and have given us positive feedback from the experience.”

It is likely that the hut will be named Crisp’s Hut. The Crisp family are the previous owner and grazier of the Dinner Plain land.

There is no other hut or facility in the high country with this name.

Mr Jones added that there were still further works to be carried out.

“As we approach summer we are proposing some additional works, including flooring, landscaping, weatherproofing and stockyard fencing,” he said.

“We are also looking to establish High Country Huts interpretive information to inform visitors of the heritage of the area.”

The hut may also pave the way for a horse riding operator to return to Dinner Plain during the warmer months, helping the village become a more popular year round tourist destination.

The Hut has been realised through the joint efforts of the Dinner Plain community, Council and the Victorian High Country Huts Association.

The Dinner Plain community and other interested parties are invited to the official opening of the hut at 2pm on Friday, 20 August following a 12:30pm lunch.

Cattleman's Hut, Dinner Plain

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