Myrtleford parks closed after storm

Last week’s storm left a trail of destruction which has resulted in the closure of several Myrtleford parks.

Open Spaces Co-ordinator Stuart Hall said Apex Park was the worst affected.

“We are currently assessing the damaged sites,” he said.

“Entry to Apex Park is restricted to authorized personnel only due to fallen branches. The park will remain off-limits until the branches have been cleared. Branches will be made available for firewood collection in due course.

“Council and the Department of Sustainability and Environment are currently discussing locations for firewood collection. Residents will need a permit to collect the wood. Once we agree on location points and a date to start issuing permits we will inform the community.

“In the mean time we urge the community to refrain from collecting firewood from affected Council property.”

The clean-up from the storm could cost up to $160,000 and take two months to complete.

Council buildings that were damaged in the storm include

  • Bright Library
  • Myrtleford Library
  • Apex Park Toilet Block
  • Rotary Park Toilet Block
  • Myrtleford Childcare Centre
  • Ovens Valley Canine Club sheds at McNamara Reserve

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