Record visitors for Alpine Shire

Alpine Shire has long thought of itself as one of the more spectacular places to be in autumn.

And now there is proof after a record number of visitors flocked into the Mount Beauty, Myrtleford and Bright’s - Alpine Visitor Information Centres (VIC) over the last three months.

Alpine’s VIC had more than double the visitors of the previous year with 32,133 coming through the doors compared to 15,726 last autumn. Myrtleford had almost 2000 more visitors than last year, largely on the back of the successful La Fiera Italian Festival. And Mount Beauty also experienced a spike in visitors with an extra 1300 walking through the doors.

Manager Visitor Information Centres Jason Sharp said the huge increase could be attributed to the success of the various autumn festivals as well as a new promotional strategy in the VIC’s.

“The Bright Autumn Festival, La Fiera, Wandiligong Nut Festival and Mount Beauty Music Festival brought great numbers of visitors to the shire,” he said.

“We also implemented a new system for displaying brochures in the centres. In the past if you visited the Myrtleford VIC you could only get information about Myrtleford businesses. Now we have all brochures from Alpine Shire businesses in each VIC. This means you can visit the Myrtleford VIC and still find out about attractions in other parts of the shire.

“We also could not have handled the amount of visitors without the support of our fantastic ambassadors. Their contribution, along with our hard working staff is something that is greatly appreciated.”

The festivals were complimented by events like the Mount Buffalo chalet centenary celebrations and the Mount Beauty half-marathon.
Despite the colder weather, Mr Sharp said there is plenty to look forward to.

“We expect it to quieten down a little bit over winter,” he said.

“However the snow season will bring tourism with it and the Bright Spring Festival is only around the corner.”

Dinner Plain’s Mountain Fresh Festival, the Advance Sled Dog Challenge and 50th anniversary Kangaroo Hoppet are among the highlights of the winter months. For more information click here.

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