Safety measures for Bakers Gully Road

Alpine Shire Council has implemented several safety measures on Bakers Gully Road, Bright in preparation for the increase of logging trucks using the road.

In consultation with HVP Plantations, the following measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of the community and especially students from the Bright P-12 College.

  • Ensuring adequate signage around the area and up Bakers Gully Road to remind truck drivers of their proximity to a school
  • Truck drivers agreeing to 20 km/h speed zone outside the school
  • Minimising truck movements during peak school times
  • Putting a traffic controller at the site to monitor truck movements and ensure children's safety on timber transportation days.

Council will also make a no standing zone on the opposite side of Bakers Gully Road. The zone is expected to be in place from tomorrow morning. Council encourages parents to use Park Street to safely drop their children off at school, where there is a manned pedestrian crossing.

Council CEO Ian Nicholls said he is keen to work with the community on this issue.

"We are always happy to work with the school and the community," he said.

"Hopefully we can address any safety concerns parents might have. We encourage parents to drop their children off at Park Street where there is a manned pedestrian crossing.

"The no standing zone should ensure that the only children crossing Bakers Gully Road are the ones that walk to school. We will have a traffic controller in place but we can only encourage and remind parents to make use of the Park Street crossing as the safest drop-off point for the school."

The timber industry is one of the key industries in the Alpine Shire. Because of this logging trucks are necessary on the roads. However it is always a balancing act between commercial interests and public safety. Council will continue to place a high importance on public safety and are always happy to listen to any of the community's concerns.

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