Mount Buffalo Chalet display in Bright

The Alpine Visitor Information Centre – Bright is now showcasing a historic display of the Mount Buffalo Chalet as a part of its 100 year anniversary celebrations.

The display features many photographs showing the interesting history of the Chalet. A historic table setting with authentic items from the Chalet is also a part of the display. The display will be open to the public for free until after the Chalet's official centenary celebration on Saturday 8 May.

Former Ranger in charge of the Mount Buffalo National Park Bob Adams and his wife Kay put together the display with the support from Parks Victoria and the Bright Historical Society.

Business Manager Visitor Information Centres Jason Sharp said the display was a great way for the public to get a feel for the historical significance of the Chalet.

"Just from looking at the photos you get a great feel of how the Chalet once operated and what the past was like," he said.

"It is a great learning experience and we certainly encourage all nearby residents and visitors to the area to come in and have a look. 100 years is a significant milestone and one that doesn't come around too often."

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