VCAT rules Bright supermarket okay

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) found there were errors and inconsistencies with the endorsed plans for the Bright supermarket but in its findings, handed down last week, said it was satisfied that the higher walls will have no significant affect on the amenity of the area.

Alpine Shire Council's Manager Planning and Environment, Heather Green, said as VCAT had endorsed the amended plans, there would be no changes to the building.

Ms Green said Council had worked with and listened to community concerns about the design right from the start of the process, aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes for the community.

"Once the inconsistencies between the built wall heights and the endorsed plans for the Star Road and the northern boundary of the property were raised, Council worked to support the concerns of nearby residents and property owners and pursued the changes in VCAT because it felt they were significant," Ms Green said.

"However, VCAT has endorsed the amended plans," Ms Green said.

Among the outcomes secured by Council to improve the aesthetics of the development were the stone and timber facades, some of which have already been installed, and the landscaping which is currently being done.

"Council has already received positive comments on the facade treatment and the landscaping," Ms Green said.

The VCAT hearing about the disputed wall heights took place in mid February and VCAT handed down its finding last week. Details of the decision are available here.

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