Council welcomes water security plan

The Alpine Shire Mayor has welcomed North East Water’s commitment to improving water security for Bright and district through its planned development of an off-river water storage at Freeburgh.

Mayor, Cr Nino Mautone said there had been robust discussion in the community about the site options North East Water had investigated for the new storage. Cr Mautone said Council wanted to thank North East Water for making this its top priority project in the north east.

"The community needs to understand that the aim of this project was always to improve water security for Bright and district and the proposed Freeburgh site will deliver this," Cr Mautone said.

"To provide a secure water supply for Bright is not only vital to the residents and visitors but for future development. The last few summers have been particularly dry and our future water supply with the existing system would be severely limited unless addressed," he said.

"The proposed new storage and system will be a big improvement on what we currently have and will offer improved security during times of fire."

Council recently engaged a consultant to give an independent analysis of the business case sites North East Water had developed for the new storage and system.

"We felt this was important because there has been support in the community for an alternate site. We acknowledge the outcomes of this assessment which confirm the selection has been soundly based and are pleased North East Water has taken on board suggestions made in the review."

The Freeburgh off-river storage and system is due for completion in 2012.

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