Fire experts' list being investigated

Alpine Shire Council is seeking more information about an article in the Sunday Age listing Harrietville as one of 14 towns that ‘could face catastrophic fires in the next bad bushfire season’.

Council CEO, Ian Nicholls said the Sunday Age article may cause some people concern at the apparent conflict of not being nominated as one of 52 most at risk townships in the state as declared by the CFA last year and then being included on this list.

"The CFA had established criteria and used these to assess the whole state. Therefore we are now seeking clarification of these experts' views and asking more questions about what needs to be considered," Mr Nicholls said.

"Council acted to provide for our communities and identified and established a Neighbourhood Safer Place in Harrietville, being the first Council in the north east to approve a Neighbourhood Safer Place," he said.

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