Demolition works to open up Myrtleford

Work is expected to start next week on the demolition of the former Myrtleford police station and residence.

Alpine CEO, Ian Nicholls said this would be the first step in opening up the centre of the town between the Great Alpine Road and Clyde Street.

"A demolition contractor has been engaged and works are due to start in the week of Monday, 22 February. It is anticipated that demolition will be completed by early March after which the site will be reinstated with grass," Mr Nicholls said.

"This will provide an interim open space to be accessible to the Myrtleford community. At the same time Council is working to develop a long term vision for the site and the community will be invited to consider a range of options within the next couple of months," he said.

Mr Nicholls said Council will give consideration to ensuring the site has:

  • an inviting character with views through to the CBD
  • pedestrian links to Jubilee Park
  • some flexibility to support markets, festivals and events
  • disabled access and facilities
  • links to car parking and
  • a workable relationship with the adjacent properties including the Anglican Church and the court house.

Mr Nicholls said the proposal to open up the space came out of the first master planning process conducted with the Myrtleford community more than five years ago. Recent community consultation as part of the Myrtleford Framework Plan process has confirmed this is a high priority for the community.

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