Dinner Plain Village Green

Update: December 2017

In August and September this year, Council invited all Dinner Plain ratepayers to comment on the Village Green project proposal and to ‘have your say’ on whether you thought Council should continue to invest in and progress this project. Council thanks the community for their input into this process. Over 30% of ratepayers participated in the survey, which is a very high participation rate.

The results of the community engagement process indicate that the Dinner Plain community is divided on the Village Green proposal.

The below outlines a summary of results however, we recommend reading the 'Dinner Plain Village Green Project' for full details.

> Dinner Plain Village Green Project October 2017

Community engagement results
• 138 ratepayers and 17 non-ratepayers responded to the survey. Email submissions were also received.
• 50% of respondents (54% of ratepayers) said the Village Green was important to them, 48% (44% of ratepayers) said it wasn’t important to them and 2% were unsure.
• 47% of respondents (51% of ratepayers) said the Village Green would benefit the Dinner Plain community, 43% (37% of ratepayers) said it would not and 10% (12% of ratepayers) were unsure.
• When asked what aspects of the project people were not happy with, 74% responded ‘other’, 56% responded that the project cost too much, 53% felt the environmental impacts were unacceptable and 48% responded that the visual impacts of the project were unacceptable.
• The response ‘other’ included comments from project supporters, alternative ideas (such as make it bigger, as well as, make it smaller), concerns about the cost benefit of the project, that the project doesn’t suit the purpose, that it is an unnecessary project and concerns regarding the environmental impacts of the project.

Project Risks
The Village Green project faces a number of significant risks, largely surrounding the implications and costs of necessary native vegetation removal, potential cultural heritage value and a lack of interest from the private sector for the project.

The risks associated with proceeding with the project are significant and will require a considerable investment of additional time and expense to resolve, with no guarantee that the project will receive the approvals required to enable construction.


Based on the results of the community consultation and the risks to the project, Council Officers’ recommendation is that the Village Green project does not proceed. This recommendation will be presented to the Special Council Meeting on Monday, 18 December 2017 for a formal decision by Council.

Please note that we have allocated 60 minutes ahead of our Special Council Meeting to provide community members with an opportunity to express their views to Council and articulate why they believe Council should continue with the project. The forum with the Councillors will be held at the Bright Council offices on Monday 18 December 2018, from 4pm – 5pm. Alternatively, we encourage you to contact Councillors ahead of the Special Council meeting next Monday if you are unable to attend the forum.

Next steps
Council will advise all Dinner Plain ratepayers of the outcomes of the recommendation, following the Special Council Meeting on Monday, 18 December 2017.

If Council accepts the recommendation not to proceed with the Village Green project, the remaining funds will enable the investigation and implementation of alternative projects at Dinner Plain.

Council is committed to delivering capital projects that achieve value for money and which are supported by a majority of Dinner Plain ratepayers. The recent community engagement process identified a number of alternative projects and priorities including improvements to toboggan runs and snow making, renewing the tennis court, improvements to the Scrubbers End precinct and recreation signage improvements.

In the event that the Village Green project does not proceed, Council will continue to investigate, in consultation with the community over the coming months, the priority for other capital works projects at Dinner Plain.

Update: September 2017

Alpine Shire Council held a Community Briefing Session about the Dinner Plain Village Green at Hotel High Plains, Dinner Plain, on Saturday 2 September 2017.

This meeting was recorded for the convenience of those who could not attend. The presentation used in the meeting is also available for download below:

> Download the presentation notes
> Watch the meeting on YouTube

Update: May 2016

Council has committed to the delivery of $1,500,000 worth of capital works projects within Dinner Plain by 2027; this will be funded by the Dinner Plain reserve (currently approximately $1,000,000) and additional funds as allocated by Council.

In April 2016, Council conducted a survey to ask Dinner Plain ratepayers about projects they would like to see developed to improve their community. The highest rating response from 46% of respondents was for a ‘village green or oval open space area’. This was followed by 18% of respondents preferring ‘new and improved mountain bike trails’. Council has subsequently progressed planning and design for both of these projects.

Council has undertaken work to determine the optimum size and location for a Village Green, as well as to investigate the feasibility of this proposal. While the approximately $1.25 million development of a Village Green will provide benefits to the community, there are risks to the project, as well as visual, ecological and cultural heritage impacts that also need to be considered before proceeding.

We would now like to share our findings with you and get your feedback on whether we should advance the Village Green to the next stage.

To find out more about the project, please review the following documents:

> Dinner Plain Village Green Information Booklet
> Dinner Plain Village Green: Flora and Fauna Assessment
> Dinner Plain Village Green: Cost Benefit Analysis

Council is committed to delivering community infrastructure that improves the liveability of our beautiful shire. We have investigated the feasibility of a Village Green at Dinner Plain and undertaken preliminary planning to provide a clearer picture of how the facility would look and the benefit it could provide to the community. The information booklet has been prepared to provide you with a summary of our findings and a concept proposal for a Village Green.

Council recently completed a Village Green survey and accepted submissions from the community about the project. Submissions have now closed and are being assessed. The findings will be made public by the end of 2017.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions regarding the project, please don’t hesitate to contact the Project Manager Simon Jones via email simonj@alpineshire.vic.gov.au or phone on 03 5755 0555.

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