Alpine Community Plantation

The Alpine Community Plantation will see popular recreational activities formally recognised and supported within the HVP Plantations. The activity base will be driven by community interest groups and governed by a partnership between HVP, the Alpine Shire Council and the community.

The Alpine Community Plantation will support a strong calendar of events and community activities and be recognised a nationally significant nature based tourism experience. The community plantation will have broad community involvement and be recognised as a strong economic driver for the Alpine Shire and the broader North East Victorian region. The Alpine Community Plantation will be characterised by robust risk management processes and will further enhance the asset value of the plantations for both HVP and the community.

The project seeks to meet the stated objectives of the three key stakeholders,

Community Objectives
• Develop a network of recreational assets for the use of the Alpine Shire residents and visitors
• Increased understanding of plantation management and how it interacts with the townships of the Alpine Shire
• Enhanced relationship between HVP and the community resulting in better communication about how HVP’s operations affect the Alpine Shire community

HVP Objectives
• Change the relationship between the community and the forestry industry
• Protect and enhance community involvement and understanding for plantation management activities around the Alpine Shire communities
• Provide the community with a greater stake in the ongoing success of the plantation
• Maintain and enhance the asset value of the plantation

Alpine Shire Council Objectives
• Build a collection of world class nature based tourism experiences
• Develop an asset that has value for both the residents and visitors of the Alpine Shire
• Deliver a project that contributes to the economic growth of the Alpine Shire
• Leadership in a project that leads the collaborative development of nature based activities

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