Community Resilience Pack

Community resilience

Focusing on resilience

Community resilience plays a vital role in ensuring that communities recover from disasters such as bushfires, storms and floods.

The strength and prosperity of any community, no matter how big or small, are enhanced by the resilience of its individuals and communities.

Resilience is:

• The capacity at different levels – individual, family, community or even
an entire country – to anticipate and engage with a crisis without losing identity.

• When the community understands their risks so that they are better
able to prepare, plan and respond to a crisis event and hence recover quicker
and stronger.

• Resilience is when a community is well connected; where neighbours know
and support each other, where volunteerism is high and residents have a
strong sense of wellbeing.

Council is committed to helping communities build resilience through providing information and support, and aiding recovery and preparation.

Council has released a Community Resilience Plan 2012 - 2015, which is available here.

This plan focuses on the importance of building resilient communities and identifies how best to do this.

A case study was recently conducted on Council's Community Resilience Committee and the results can be found here.


Council has designed Resilience Folders containing valuable information on the role of Alpine Shire Council and other agencies, relief centres, Neighbourhood Safer Places and general emergency information such as emergency kits and how can you reduce your risk.

The folders are available in hardcopy at Council’s Bright Offices, Myrtleford and Mount Beauty Visitor Information Centres and the Alpine Information Centre, Bright, and libraries in Myrtleford, Mount Beauty and Bright.

Copies of the resources are available for download below:

* The role of Council in an emergency
* Neighbourhood Safer Places information
* Relief centres in an emergency
* The role of the State Government in an emergency

Through Women's Eyes Project

"Through Women's Eyes" was a combined project conducted by Women's Health Goulburn North East and Alpine Shire Council, with funding from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR).

The project aimed to gather women's unique perspectives on disasters and resilience and to contribute to local community resilience planning.

31 Alpine Shire women, aged from 16 - 80+ years, took part in discussion groups at Kancoona, Rosewhite, Mount Beauty and Myrtleford during late 2011/early 2012

Posters have been created addressing each key question related to resilience and the role women play in keeping their community strong in the face of adversity.

The questions that were explored included:
* What is resilience?
* What helps to build resilience?
* What does not help to build resilience?
* How does disaster impact on women?
* How do men and women differ in the way they manage a crisis?
* What needs to change to build greater resilience?

Future plans:

The Alpine Shire Council - Community Resilience Committee and Women's Health Goulburn North East will use the disaster and community resilience strategies identified during the project to help prepare local communities for future hazardous events and to advocate for improvements in government emergency management policy and practice.

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