Proposed speed limit change - Station Street, Porepunkah

Council has received a petition from residents within the Porepunkah community to lower the speed limit on Station Street, Porepunkah from 60km/h to 50km/h.

The petition was well supported and the concerned members of the local community feel that as the area is becoming more residential, now is the time to implement a 50km/h zone.

Council and VicRoads officers have assessed the road. There is no trigger for the speed limit change on current traffic engineering principles – the 60km/h speed zone is appropriate and a safe operating speed for the road.

Officers accept that a 50km/h limit will be safer than 60km/h so would not oppose the change, provided in general the community support the change.

Station Street is classified as a “Collector Road”. This means that within Council’s portfolio of roads, this is one of the important through roads to connect businesses and residents to the arterial network.

The implementation of a 50km/h zone for the 2km of Station Street will add 24 seconds to the travel time over the existing 60km/h limit.

Council needs to consider the petition to change the speed zone to 50km/h against the need for the road to connect efficiently with the arterial network.

If you are a user of the road, and you wish to express support or concerns about the proposed change we ask that you take a minute to complete a quick survey.

If you click the link below it will take you to a few questions where you will be asked your address, and your opinion of the proposal. We ask that you vote only once, but all members of your household may vote. Even if you have signed the petition, we encourage you to take a minute to complete the survey.

The survey is available here. Thank you, we appreciate your feedback.

For more information please contact Council's Engineering Coordinator Gary Noall on 5755 0555 or via email here.

Public consultation will run until Tuesday, 7 February 2017.

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