Nil Gully Creek Catchment flood study

Alpine Shire Council will be undertaking a drainage/flood study within the Nil Gully Creek catchment, Myrtleford, between mid-September and mid-December 2016.

The Nil Gully Creek is known to have limited capacity to cope with periods of very heavy rain. This was particularly highlighted during damaging flood flows in 1993.

The current demand for residential land in Myrtleford has led to the rapid subdivision of land within the Nil Gully Creek catchment and strong enquiry from developers for further large scale residential development within the catchment.

Council and the North East Catchment Management Authority (NECMA) are aware that further residential development within the catchment has the potential to increase existing flooding issues as well as reduce the area of land available to build infrastructure that can reduce the risk of flooding in future.

Project Purpose:

The purpose of this study is to determine flood risks within the Nil Gully Creek Catchment, then identify, cost and prioritise feasible flood mitigation options.

The outcome will be a definitive Drainage Strategy which provides recommendations for mitigation of flood risks within the catchment. This will enable Council to make informed decisions regarding future development and implementation of infrastructure within the Nil Gully Creek Catchment.

Flood mitigation options considered may include (but are not limited to); changing stormflow and flood behaviour through improving the performance of existing drainage infrastructure and/or implementation of new infrastructure. Consideration will also be given to flood warning and flood response procedures as well as implementation or modification to existing planning controls.

Council have engaged a specialist consultant to assist with the study. The selected consultant (Cardno), has a wealth of experience and a proven track record in delivering similar projects across Victoria.

Council would like your input:

• Do you have local historic flood knowledge that may be able to assist Council in this study? Historic flood information, such as peak flood heights and flood photography, linked to particular flood dates is needed to check that the flood modelling developed represents what actually happens when the creek floods.

• Do you know of specific flooding issues and potential solutions that should be considered during this study?

• Would you like to talk one-on-one with Council representatives to discuss any specific questions you may have?

If so, please contact Project Engineer Bernard Kennedy to discuss or arrange an appointment by Friday, 14 October on (03) 5755 0551. Information can be emailed directly to

Presentation of the draft plan:

A draft Drainage Strategy plan will be presented to the community for discussion and comment at an informal drop-in session held at the Myrtleford Library from 2:00pm – 6:00pm on Tuesday, 8 November.

The draft plan will show the likely extent of the flooding, identified flooding issues and potential solutions on a map of the catchment. Community members will have the chance to review the draft plan and provide input and feedback.

Further information:

Please contact Bernard Kennedy for further information at any stage during the project. Ph: (03) 5755 0551 or

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