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Council seeks community comment on plans, strategies and reports before they are finalised.

Draft Domestic Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP)

Alpine Shire Council is currently inviting submissions from the community on our draft Domestic Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP), which is on exhibition between 14 November 2018 – 21 December 2018.

> Download the Draft Domestic Wastewater Management Plan
> Download DWMP Appendix 5 - Spatial Risk Assessment

Alpine Shire Council is committed to responsible and sustainable domestic wastewater management practices to protect the health of the community and the surrounding environment. The DWMP is required to fulfil Councils obligations with respect to Clause 32 of the State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria) and the Environment Protection Act 1970.

The DWMP has also been prepared with input from Goulburn Murray Water (GMW) and North East Water (NEW).

What will the DWMP do?

The DWMP will be implemented through an Action Plan that covers the next three years. After three years, the DWMP will be reviewed. The main aims of the DWMP are to:

- Provide for a more consistent approach to issuing new permits for onsite wastewater systems
- Improve our understanding of how current wastewater systems are performing, to enable Council to ensure they doesn’t compromise health or environmental values
- Address gaps in our understanding of older wastewater systems across the Shire
- Validate and refine our understanding of ‘high risk’ areas across the Shire

The key action that will impact on the community is the wastewater system inspections. Council will implement an inspection regime across the shire to examine existing systems, and gather data on the location, condition and type of systems. The inspections will be targeted to improve our understanding of the ‘high risk’ areas across the Shire, address gaps in our current information, and provide an opportunity to improve the community’s understanding of wastewater system maintenance.

The cost of these inspections will be borne by Council. In the event that an inspection identifies a wastewater system that is failing and causing a risk to public health or the environment, owners will be required to fix the system. This is no different to current requirements.

Want to find out more?

Council is running information sessions in Bright, Myrtleford and Mt Beauty for anyone who would like to discuss the DWMP in further detail. Timing and location of these sessions is as follows:

• Bright Council Offices, 2 Churchill Avenue on Monday 3 December from 5.30 – 6.30pm
• Myrtleford Senior Citizens Centre, 11 Smith Street on Tuesday 4 December from 5.30 – 6.30pm
• Mount Beauty Library, Lakeside Avenue on Wednesday 5 December from 5.00 – 6.00pm.

Please RSVP to info@alpineshire.vic.gov.au or (03) 5755 0555.

Submissions are invited via submissions@alpineshire.vic.gov.au with the subject line ‘Domestic Wastewater Management Plan’ or by mail to:

Alpine Shire Council Submissions
Domestic Wastewater Management Plan
PO Box 139

Draft Community Local Law

Council is currently exhibiting a draft Community Local Law for community submissions and input. Alpine Shire Council is currently inviting submissions from the community on our draft Community Local Law, which is on exhibition between 14 November 2018 – 25 January 2019.

> Download the Draft Community Local Law
> Summary of proposed changes

Supporting documents:
> Alcohol restrictions maps
> Dogs on lead maps
> Community Impact Statement
> Community Local Law Incorporated Documents

Alpine Shire’s seven Local Laws have been consolidated into two Local Laws:
• Local Law 1: Council Administration (no change from existing)
• Community Local Law 2019: replaces and consolidates the contents from Local Laws 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 into a single Law

In consolidating these Laws, duplication has been removed and the new Community Local Law 2019 is less prescriptive in some areas. The new Local Law is supported by separate policies, maps and permit application processes. These sit outside the Local Law and can be changed from time to time if required.

Stakeholder Consultation

Prior to the Local Law Review Project commencing in September 2018 Alpine Shire Council had become aware of a number of issues of concern to the community, with some areas not being adequately regulated by the existing Local Laws. Interactions between councillors, executive and operational staff, and the Alpine Shire community had identified a number of issues and a number of solutions had been discussed.

Areas of concern included:

• Consumption of alcohol in public places
• Footpath and roadside advertising and trading
• Dogs on / off leash areas
• Scavenging at transfer stations
• Waste service exemptions
• Scare guns
• Camping on municipal land and/or private property
• Regulating use of council owned airfields
• Regulating activities on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail via appropriate Local Law
• Regulating activities at Dinner Plain via appropriate Local Law

A series of targeted stakeholder consultations were undertaken during September and October 2018 to test possible solutions to the known issues and check if there were other underlying issues.

Council officers consulted with:

• A total of 59 Representatives of 12 different community organisations from Myrtleford, Mt Beauty and Bright representing event-organisers, agriculture, service and business groups
• Agency stakeholder groups including, Victoria Police, Alpine health, EPA Victoria and Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Board
• Staff and contractors of Alpine Shire Council including CEO, Directors, Managers and operational staff
• Alpine Shire Councillors

Council is committed to ensuring that our Local Laws continue to serve the community well over their expected life span of ten years. In order to achieve this, Council will review the Local Law annually or as required, taking into account any input from the community or stakeholders. While this review may not result in any changes to the Local Law, the policies, maps and permit conditions can be amended from time to time if needed.

How to make a submission

Any person may make a submission on the proposals currently on public exhibition.

Submissions are a way in which you can play a role in Alpine Shire Council's decision-making process.

Your submission may be in support of the proposal on exhibition, in opposition to it, support or oppose parts of the proposal, or neutral with the provision of information you would like us to consider.

In some cases, Council holds a Committee of Council in which you can elect to come and present your submission to a panel in person. You can find out whether a Committee of Council is being held for the topic you are making a submission on by clicking on the relevant link in the 'on exhibition' list above.

You can make a submission in one of two ways:

> Using the online submission form; or
> Send an email to submissions@alpineshire.vic.gov.au; or
> By posting your written submission to:

Alpine Shire Council
PO Box 139

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