Parking fines and appeals

Parking tickets, or Infringement Notices, are regulated by State law and are the same across all Councils. You may receive a parking ticket in person, on the windshield of your car, or in the mail.

Your options

If you have received an Infringement Notice and you believe there is a legitimate reason for you not to pay the fine, you have a number of options.

You may:

* Request for the fine to be withdrawn - please contact Council in writing using an Application for an Internal Review form, explaining your reasoning for why the fine should be withdrawn. This reasoning must be serious and truthful;

* Have the case heard by a court - please inform Council straight away if you decide to have the fine disputed before a magistrate. You will be required to attend court for a hearing at a specific time, date and place. If you are successful the fine will be dropped. If you are unsuccessful you will be required to pay the fine, along with additional Court and Council costs;

* Contact Council is you believe you were not responsible for the vehicle at the time of the infringement - an Owner Statement is available from Council on 5755 0555. Complete this form and return it to Council within 28 days of the infringement taking place.

For hard copies of the Owner Statement and Application for an Internal Review visit Council's Bright Offices, corner Churchill Avenue and Hawthorn Lane, Bright.

How to pay

Payment of Infringement Notices can be made at Council's Bright Offices, corner Churchill Avenue and Hawthorn Lane, Bright, or at Council's Customer Service Centres at the Myrtleford and Mount Beauty Libraries.

Payment may be made by:

* Cash
* Personal or Bank Cheque
* Money Order
* Mastercard, Visa or Bankcard

How to appeal

Should you wish to appeal, the appeal must be put in writing in an Application for an Internal Review form and forwarded to Alpine Shire Council, PO Box 139, Bright VIC 3741.

Download an Application for an Internal Review form.

Please include the following information:
* Name and address
* Infringement number and vehicle registration
* Explanation or grievance

For more information on the best way to appeal, contact Council's Local Laws Officers on 5755 0555.

If you don't pay

Overdue parking fines are dealt with in three stages. Each stage adds further costs to the fine, but at each stage you have the opportunity to pay the fine, object to the fine or request more time to pay.

Stage 1 - 28 days following the fine being issued, you will receive a Reminder Notice. This notice will provide you with the options to pay the fine (plus costs) within another 28 days; return the enclosed Statutory Declaration with completed objection; or choose to go to court.

Stage 2 - 28 days following the Reminder Notice you will receive an Enforcement Order. The ticket has now been sent to the Magistrates Court and this Enforcement Order is a court order.

Stage 3 - 28 days following the Enforcement Order you will receive a Sheriff's Warrant. This means you have 7 days to pay the fine plus three sets of costs. If you haven't paid in 7 days:
* your property can be seized and sold;
* if you have no goods, you can be imprisoned.

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