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2030 Community Vision

"It is the year 2030 and the Alpine Shire area has grown to a diverse population of 20,000 people based around the three principle centres of Bright, Myrtleford and Mount Beauty, with growing communities which have their own distinct, individual identity and a rural village character. It is a place where people enjoy an exceptional lifestyle, natural beauty and contentment knowing that the right services, jobs, infrastructure and community, support their ongoing needs."

The Vision captures the thoughts and aspirations of the Alpine Shire community members who participated in the many meetings and conversations about the future of the Shire, and who responded to the Draft Vision document in late 2004 and early 2005 and again when the document was reviewed in early 2010.

The Alpine Shire 2030 Community Vision is an inspirational target, a way of foreseeing and managing the challenges and positive developments in the Shire into the future. It is about the people of the Shire taking control of their future.

The Vision looks at seven key directions for the municipality:
1. Unspoilt natural environment
2. Sympathetic and balanced development
3. Economic prosperity
4. Identity and character of our towns, villages and rural communities
5. Services and facilities (health, wellbeing and lifestyle)
6. Linkages between communities
7. Enhancing our strong and safe communities

The Community Vision will be revised again in 2015, to extend the vision to 2050.

DOWNLOAD the 2030 Community Vision (2010 update)

Council is committed to planning for and delivering key priorities for the Alpine Shire community.
While the 2030 Community Vision is the community’s vision, and is an aspirational document, the key directions feed down into the four-year Alpine Shire Council Plan, which is Council’s means of delivering the vision.

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